Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Bike: Purple Bondage Princess
Location: DC x PK Ripper Launch
Owner: TBC - Email us if this is you!

How cool are the details on this bike? It's tied up like a present. I love presents. Or it could be shoelaces. ALSO LOVE.

Like what would be awesome is if someone surprised you with a present and it was sneakers and a rad bike and all wrapped up together. WOWZA stop it my brain can't handle the awesomeness. If you covered that tied up present heap in marshmallow and Scott Mescudi gave it to me my face would literally explode due to the crazy radness.

I thought that that Mr.President song Coco Jamboo had the lyrics "Tie me up, Tie me down..." something, something... but I was wrong.

Holy Moley we thrashed the shit out of this song at Karaoke in Japan. Every Time!

I love the cheese anyway. Suffer in your jocks motherlickers!!

Now I gotta go EY COCO


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