Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We went to the football last Saturday night to see the Cats v the Pies.
Our team lost, but the game was entertaining none the less.

Lowlight = Only mid strength beer in plastic cups. It was like Splendour all over again.
Midlight = Laughing at the Collingwood Boags. SRSLY. Where do these people come from?!!
Highlight = Spotting This Bike

Bike: Some Kind of Machine from THE FUTURE
Owner: Probably a Cats Supporter (TBC, email us if this is you)
Location: MCG

This bike looks like is straight out of that show "Beyond 2000"
Mental Note: Lookup "Beyond 2000" on YouTube later


The Brooks seat always talks to me.
This one's saying: "I may be a psycho bike from the future, but I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany"

Hey lady! It might be a night game but that doesn't mean you have to come in your jim jams.
She has the matching Collingwood jammies and slippers. WOW.
If I was that kid I would be like "Muuuuummmmm noooooooooooooo!" and then get lost accidentally on purpose.

AS you can tell, I have dedicated this post to all you Collingwood bogans out there.
I am so generous with my time, I have even made you a Venn Diagram.



Saturday, August 14, 2010


Picture me rollin'
We got this email a while back from a dude called Luke, he represents the Geetown massive.

This was a recent build of his.

This bike is epically nice, as are the pics.

Specs below;

Specs Frame :Dodici Leggero (56cm Track geometry)

Crank: Campagnolo record

Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo record

Pedals: Campagnolo chorus aero

Head Set: Campagnolo Record

Seat Post: Campagnolo Athena

Straps: Campagnolo (now using S.A.G double straps)

Seat: San Marco Rolls

Stem: Cinelli 100mm (now using Nitto N.J. Pro AA 90mm)

Bars Cinelli 40/65 criterium track bars (now using Nitto 123 AA 380mm drops)

Wheels: Velocity b43 rear 36 3x laced front 36 radial laced

Tyres: Grand Comp ss 700x23c Gear: 47x15 = 84.6 ratio

Thanks for dropping us a line Luke. Sorry its taken a while, but as they say, better late than never!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Bikes: Fresh off the boat
Location: Chaps
Owners: TBC. Email us if this is you

Just another lazy Sunday afternoon. Loz B and I were doing a chap lap, scoping for honeys, BUZ AS UGE. We spotted this pair out the front of Mad Mex in Windsor.

It's winter in Melbourne. Am freezing my tits off on the reg. Not this day though. Look at the sun shining through like a ray from heaven. Guiding our eyes like a beam from an angel straight on to these fine bikes. They srsly looked like it was their first outing. Brand spanking.



Thursday, August 12, 2010


Melbourne's my town, but apparently Sydney has some shizz going on.
This was a few weeks back, I got this email when I was at Splendour and completely forgot all about it.

BIG thanks to Nick for all of the pics!

"Hola Sim, Was wandering aimlessly through Sydney and came across a fixie exhibition in a mall, they had heaps of bikes hanging, and then display boxes with bits and pieces and profiles on riders etc.
Only problem is my camera runned out of battery! I managed to get one of a disc wheel in the case, and one of the most of the hanging bikes."

"So I have a couple of crappy zoomed pics from my phone, but they were coming out shit with the zoom, so didn't bother anymore."

Damn those Sydneysiders love the Aero's don't they?

Hmmm Red & Gold... HOW ORIGINAL

"Then today, just hanging around, killing time, this dude pulled up across the street from me on this, I asked him about it, but he said his mate built it for him. I had my camera for that one."

I wonder if his mate built it without a seat "accidentally" initially?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Bike: Purple Bondage Princess
Location: DC x PK Ripper Launch
Owner: TBC - Email us if this is you!

How cool are the details on this bike? It's tied up like a present. I love presents. Or it could be shoelaces. ALSO LOVE.

Like what would be awesome is if someone surprised you with a present and it was sneakers and a rad bike and all wrapped up together. WOWZA stop it my brain can't handle the awesomeness. If you covered that tied up present heap in marshmallow and Scott Mescudi gave it to me my face would literally explode due to the crazy radness.

I thought that that Mr.President song Coco Jamboo had the lyrics "Tie me up, Tie me down..." something, something... but I was wrong.

Holy Moley we thrashed the shit out of this song at Karaoke in Japan. Every Time!

I love the cheese anyway. Suffer in your jocks motherlickers!!

Now I gotta go EY COCO



Some genius built a ramp in Dissolver. Loz Burger and I went in for a peep. It was totally awesome. Unfortunately we had to leave early because we went off the Splendour in the Grass the next day.

THANKS to what ever legend made this highlight video. I feel like I was there the whole night... swilling Stella's with the honeys.

SLAY THE RAILS from on Vimeo.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Bike: Cinelli Freshness
Locale: DC x PK Ripper Launch
Owner: DD

Talk about FEROSH!!!! This bike has it all:

Cinelli x Mash Frame (55)
Sugino 75’s
Fyxomatosis Chain Ring
MKS Custom Neuvo pedals
Toshi Double Straps
All City Toe Clips
Thomson Elite Stem
Soma Late Riser Bar
Odyssey Grips
Velocity B43 Rear
Aerospoke Front
Cinelli Graphis Seat Post
Selle italia Turbo Saddle

Phew! Talk about crème de la crème.





I went to the launch of the DC x PK Ripper Bike at 1000£ bend and snapped my neck so hard I haven't been the same since. SRSLY. Better now though. You can all relax.


Here are some bikes from the night:

One of the PK Rippers.

Another... This one I have seen up close at Pista Bikes while the lovely gents in there were fixing my BMX. The attention to detail is so rad. I especially like the pedals. Don't know about the orange though?

There was a checkpoint race before the event. I didn't go. Not because I am lazy, but I didn't have a rideable bike at the time. I was actually riding a mountain bike at the time because my bmx was fucked. I parked the mountain bike like a block away so nobody would see me on it. YUP I'm that vain. AND I really hate Mountain Bikes. That was a really, really low point in my life. Don't worry I'm all good now.

Flouro Love. It was acceptable in the 80s!

Candy coloured love. I wish I could take you all home with me. No one will notice if I just put you in my back pocket...

Chromey goodness.


Animal print is so hot this season.


Fuck yeah. SNAP!

OW my neck!

Loving the clean lines on this sucker.

I want those wheels! Where can I get them? ANYONE!??


So nice. Love a guy that is manly enough to sport a pink chain.

BOSS! Notice how all the best bikes are sporting the SBC spoke cards?
All the cool kids are doing it.
All in all, a really tops event.
Thanks to the organisers who put the show together, and all the hot boys that came to support and have been the subjects of my recent fantasies.


Friday, August 6, 2010


Bike: Holden, you make cars right?
Location: Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, SYD
Owner: Crafty Old Vagabond

Oh Sydney. You're no Melbourne... To compensate, you gave me this bike. A multi wheel of coloured fortune! Ok, it doesn't come close but hey, thanks for trying.

I'm a total sucker for anything that pops colour as much as this. So, I had to bail the old man up for a chat. He engineered this baby all by himself.

Check it closely, FULL ELECS! When the sun goes down, flick the switch and watch him go.

Rave on Pops.