Thursday, October 13, 2011


Bike: Cinelli Gazetta AKA "Joy"
Location: St Kilda
Owner: Yours Truly

My Celeste front rim was the first piece that I bought for my bike and I based my colour palette around it. I love that poke so hard. 

Dear Poke, I'm sorry for all the dings, all the drunken stacks, all the skids to ass slides, I have ruined you. 
I still love you, now I'm on a mission to get you a facelift, love truly, SIM. 

I'm giving Celeste a overhaul in the only lazy ass way I know how... STICKER ATTACK!!

As you can see I have made a start, slowly sifting through sneaker boxes to add to the collage.

Any contributions will be greatly appreciated, pls email moi 


Monday, October 3, 2011


the good bike - A pretty cool project going on OS.
All I can say is HELLS YEAH NEON!