Monday, July 26, 2010


Bike: I'll pop your cherry
Location: Bottom of the Exhibition St hill. AKA where I pack my panties after work every night.
Owner: TBC. Email us if this is you. JB.


Apologies for the wackness of this pic. I was on the move.
I used to love that hill. That was when I had breaks. Now, not so much.
Why you walking boy?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Bike: RADNESS Overload Skyway BMX
Location: Chapel Street, Windsor

This is soo dam cool.

Also rad, dude on the lefts hair.
Note: Iphone after dark=Shitest snaps ever.

Monday, July 5, 2010


So there I was, walking down by the old fire station in Perth just minding my own biz, when I noticed this odd looking creature coming towards me...

White all over with a coloured protrusion coming out of its head...

"Damn !" I thought, "It must be a unicorn !”

With one hand clasped firmly around a "large winter dream milky bubble tea w/ sago" I stood transfixed as the beast continued its approach.

Smooth and silky, it wasn't until I could feel the heat emancipating from its white core that the full predicament of my situation hit me. Here I was, witnessing a once in a lifetime opportunity - and where the shit was my camera ?!?

Sensing my distress, the rider of this noble steed chose that exact moment to dismount right there in front of me under the pretext of making a call...

As if to say "everybody gets one" he stood eerily still as I reached into my back pocket and grasped my ol trusty camera / phone !

Then, with barely a neigh (or perhaps a sudden change of mind?), he was back on and off again leaving me scantily a moment to cry "it's for yourbikeisrad dot com forwardslash blogspot tumblr!"

Since the, I have often wonder about that day and perhaps, maybe just maybe, if I'm lucky I'll get to see it again one day :)

Big thanks to Enrico Iglesias our eyes in Perth for this submission