Friday, April 30, 2010


Bikes: BMX FTR
Location: Flinders St Station, Melbourne
Owners: TBC. Email us if this is you!

The first picture was taken on the move. On the SLY.
I was totally busted though. Good thing these nice young chaps were willing to srike a pose.

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerp boys!



Bike: Shmick Rapallo Fixed Gear

Location: Cookie, Swanston St Melbourne

Owner: TBC. Email us if this is YOU!

This bike looks like if Gargamel put an evil curse on one of the little smurfs that made him a lot bigger and bike shaped.

If I had this sweet ride I would probs match it with this T-Shirt by my favourite designers, PAM:

Thanks to my sweet soon to be sister in law, REN! You rule!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Bike: AirStrike Free Agent

Location: Brunswick St Fitzroy
Owner: TBC. Email us if this is YOU!

Some may call the colour of this bike Tan. Others Caramel, Honey, Gold even. I'd say it's more of a poo colour.

This was spotto'd on Anzac Day holiday. We had been walking for a good 2hrs by this time, and this was the first bmx we saw. WTF Melbourne?

Nice pegs.

Has everyone laid their bmx to rest now fixed gear bikes are de jour?
I give props to all rad bikes, but bmx is automatically so much radder than anything else.


Maybe someone should make a ad like that where's the beef? lady, except make it where's the bmx?


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Bikes: BMX's
Owner: Junior Burgers
Location: Southern Cross Station

Monday, April 19, 2010


Bike: SE Lager
Owner: Lucifer
Location: Opp 650 Chapel Street, South Yarra

I just like the checker board patterning on the seat.

If I was going to ride a bike of this style, it would most definitely look like this;

More pics here


Bike: The Beast
Owner: Damo
Location: St Kilda Massive

NOW. Let me set one thing straight. Usually I do not condone motors on bikes.
Motorbikes are not my style and Vespas make me dry retch.
But this is our friend Damo's sick beast and he built it all himself. Big ups my man!

This bike has a 70cc 2-stroke motor. The frame is a original crusier frame. It is HEAVY as fuck.
Believe me, I have carried it down a flight of stairs. Yes. I know I also am a beast.

It's based on old school Boardtracker bikes that have had a strong following since the 60s' (who knew?)
Check out more bikes like this here
Or dudes that are quite obsessed with them here

Top speed is 55kph, which is more than enough to CAIN yourself. Hell I can injure myself at like 10kph.

One day... I may just be courageous enough to have a spin. Full leather suit neccessary, so it will have to wait at least until winter. Maybe when hell freezes over.

Check out the chromey goodness... and the double chain, whoa well that's off the chain!
(Thanks dad)

Dear Damo, you are one of my favourite dudes. When I see your bike it reminds me of this scene from Pulp Fiction:


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Bike: S&M next generation dirt bike
Owner: Al
Location: The Espy, St Kilda

We all went down to the St Kilda on the grass bike show on Sunday, however we all had sleep ins and missed the whole kit & kaboode. No sweat, said us and we had our own show over a few jugs at the Espy.

This is our friend Al's BMX. Good Golly this is nice. So chromey, so shiny.

Forks: S&M pitch forks
Handlebars: standard strip
Barsstem: S&M redneck
Headset: SST oryg
Wheels: peregrine super pros 36
Brakes: dia compe AD990
Chainwheel: GT power series
Cranks: profile 3pc
Chain/freewheel: Shimano
Pedals: Odyssey
Seat: mongoose kevlar
Seat post: redline

Check out the S & M Redneck Stem.

When you have a ride this maccin, you need everyone to know your name.
The malibu blue Odyssey pedals pop off well against the Shimano free wheel & custom plates.

Props Al.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Bike: Felt Sector 24"
Location: 1000 £ Bend
Owner: Henry

So my camera has officially died. Sorry for the crap photos but I'm working with a iPhone here. Sheesh.

Nice ride. I'd like to see more kids booting around on BMX's like this. Fixies are taking over the world.

Specs herrr:

Nice one Henry. Ride Rad dude face.


Friday, April 9, 2010


Bike: Specialized Langster 09
Location: Como, Toorak Rd South Yarra
Owner: TBC. Email us if this is you!

I spotted this sleek, shiny delight while leaving work on Thursday afternoon.

The owner of this bike must have just bought this, or is anally clean.



Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Nickos AKA Knackers is one of the best dudes around. He's like a big bro to Loz and I.
He buys beers for Loz when she does an exceptional job at cleaning their house. I buy beers for him when he fixes my bike. Then we all drink the beers, ride the bikes and make the house messy again. It's a win/win/win situation.

Nick's GF is riding.
Every weekend: US "Hey Nick what you doing this weekend?" HIM: "Riding"
He competes in downhill mountain bike riding and is fully EXTREME.

He's in hospital at the moment with a lacerated kidney, punctured lung and a few broken ribs.
He sustained these painful injuries after jumping off a 30ft drop on the weekend. There is no footage of the actual accident, however this is Nick on another killer stack.

Our thoughts are with you dude...

Get well soon Nick!


Monday, April 5, 2010


Bike: 20" Black Beauty
Location: Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Owner: TBC: Email us if this is YOU!

This bike is nice. It is short, black and a lil' stumpy.
If this bike were a tv character it would totally be Arnold in Diff'rent Strokes.

Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

Sometimes I wish that I had a catchphrase.

The X-factor True Structure Mags? Holy Moley!

The thing that first caught my eye about this little beauty was the those Three Spoke Mags. They are tough.

Gary Coleman is not tough. After his success as a child actor he
sued his parents and former manager over his $3.8 million trust fund.
He won a almost $1.3 mil in 93 then filed for bankrupcy 6 years later... Way to Go Gary!


Friday, April 2, 2010


Bike: Mutant BMX Evolution V2
Location: Portugal, Spain
Owner: Mutant Bikes

The Mutant Bike crew are doing big things in Portugal.

Operating since 2006, they have a killer mission to produce simple & light bikes.

The by-product of this is FUN.

Web Here:

Im'a say my good-bye to gravity.

It's like someone put some velcro on his shelltoes.

High Ten!

I'll have a one way ticket to Portugal thanks!



Bike: Dancelli Road Bike
Location: Essen, Germany.
Owner: Yuki

Yuki kun, kono jitensha wa meccha kakkoiiiiiiii
(Hey Yuki, your bike is really rad)

Dai Suki Desu
(I love it)

This road bike is fresh as. Dancelli ey? Does that mean that you dance on this bike while you ride? I mean, I do that all the time on my bike, but I would assume that this talent would be much harder to master on skinny wheels.
My hat goes off to you good sir.

Thanks to my mate Nick for the pic!