Monday, February 28, 2011


Bike: The Black Panther
Location: Chaps, I'm assuming
Owner: TBC, email us if this is you 

Funny, I have no recollection of taking these pictures. WELL, can you blame me when the day started out like this:

We had all been at Good Vibes celebrating Melanesia's hens day. Good Vibes = Good Times. 

Front View:


Obligatory Brooks Saddle:

My dedication to this blog surprises me: 

Later that evening...

Clams/ Your Bike Is Rad Represent!



Bike: Colour Blocker
Location: IKEA Carpark Richmond
Owner: TBC, email us if this is you

Colour Blocking is soooooo Feb 2011, all the cool kids are getting on board.

Who didn't learn this in primary school art class?

ON TREND: How cool is this starfuckers saddle?

Does anyone know where you can still get these?

I snapped this bike when I popped in to Goldcross to pump up my tire which had annoyingly become flat on the yarra trail. 
I actually took the pic with Loz in mind as she is currently throwing around some ideas for her new build that is going to be influenced by a popular toy released in the 1970s. I can't give to much away at this point in time, but mark my words- her new bike is going to be beautiful. 

I love the simple primary colour palette of this ride, the simplicity works so well on many levels.

I am also a massive fan of this colour blocking trend:

How rad:

I think I need more colour in my life... Melbourne fashion is so black and grey, it gets a bit gloomy like our weather!



Bike: The Green Machine
Location: Melbourne
Owner: Brenton Clarke

Big thanks to Brenton for sending through pics of his gorgeous steed. I popped in to his shop with my poodle Ziggy in tow for a visit. The colourway reminds me of the incredible hulk and this bike that I learnt how to ride fixed on. 

This is what a colab of Brenton's bike x Ziggy would look like:

Ha ha as if you would ever do that to your pooch! Poor dawg :(

Brenton has now retired this bike and is using the wheels on his new ride, which I LOVE, so much it's crim.

The Green Machine is just taking 5, hanging out in the garage where all good bikes go to die... RIP little friend: 



Pics from the shoot we did for Wheeler Magazine. Stay tuned for the front cover shot!



Location: Yellow Bird, Chaps, Windsor
Bike: Rain Slicker

It was a super-WET-post-storm Saturday morning in Melbourne. The gym was closed due to flooding, even Revs felt the brunt.

Flash floods are the new black. WTF @ Melbourne Summer 2010/11.

Oh well, at least some good things come from shit weather. This dudes bike - Good balance with the rims. That front chrome looks mighty nice.



I was flicking through my camera and realised that I totally forgot to post these beauties... I am so lame

These bikes both belong to Tom who lives with OCGC member and all around sick chick Georgie.

We took the bikes for a spin out the front - you can get massive air off the second bike over the speed bumps in their street... RAD


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Bike: Assorted BMX's
1.North Bondi Beach
3. Ravasis, Bondi Rd
Owners: Random Syd BMXers

I just returned from a few days at Bondi to catch Vans BOWL-A-RAMA. It was all about 4 wheels, tattoos, shirts-optional, sunshine, tattoos.

Amongst the sea of skateboarders I managed to snap these gems. A mixed bag off tuff love, spokey doke stylez & black & white tyre touches.

Sometimes I hate on Sydney too much.... I'm sorry, thanks for having me, see you next week.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Location: Lee store, Chapel Street, St. Yarra

Ergh a little short on material of late. You might say we've been on radness sabbatical.

Alas, this is rad - Phew, thanks Dude. Nice decal & sticker coordination.

Keep em comin'......