Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Owner: Matt
Bike: 80's chrome diamondback feat. Skyway Tuffs
Location: Preston

This is our friend Matt's bike. He's a rad dude that we first met at the Phrase show last year. This bike is RAAAAAD. Heart the colour co-ordination between the wheel & fork. Nice 1 Matt!

WEB: http://www.rad-dudes.com/

Owner: Matt
Bike: 80's chrome Repco HOTFOOT

Location: Preston

Another killer bike owned by Matt.

In cycling, the condition known as “hot foot” is a burning pain in the ball of the foot, perhaps radiating toward the toes. Severe cases feel like some sadistic demon is applying a blowtorch.

This is not that kind of Hotfoot though!

Repco have the trademark Hotfoot which is registered until 2014. Who knows, we might see a Hotfoot bike again one day.



Bike: Heritage Listed Flavour
Location: Rear Balmain St
Owner: Barista Boy?

I've just discovered a pretty neat cafe near my work, ESPRESSO3121.
Richmond backstreets FTR.
1 x Skinny Cap with a side of this bike thanks...


Bike: Nice Fixie
Location: Alexandra Av/Church Street
Owner: Dude.

I swear it was pure coincidence that I should be trailing this dude En Route to the office this morning...

Don't get me wrong. I Love COLOUR. But nothing screams fresh, than the clean aesthetic of white-on-white. Minimalistic HOT.

I'd ride this in a heartbeat.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is my friend Tim's bike.

Tim is a rad guy. The way that we met was straight up Hollywood.

Bike: Hot Sex On A Platter
Location: CHAPS
Owner: Timothy

Tim is the creative force of Eleven Anchors. He is destined for epicness.

This bike. WOW.

When I met Tim, his bike looked like this:

And in the freshening process:

Holy Toledo Gumby!





It may not be a Love Story, but it is a Rad Story.



Bike: Matt Black Fixx w Orange high-lites
Location: Chapel St, Prahran
Owner: TBC. Email us if this is YOU!

If you ain't up on this. Matt Black, Orange Rims. Excellent Selection.

Jaffas YUM.


All my gym clothes are black. When I work out, I'm a Nike ninja.

This bike would fully match:

Bike: Matt Black Fixx

Location: Chapel St, PrahranOwner:

TBC. Email us if this is YOU!




Bike: Uncoated White
Location: Southern Cross Station, CBD, Melbourne
Owner: TBC. Email us if this is YOU!

Ahhhhhh.... Like having Listerine. This BMX is So Fresh!


Bike: Matt Black 20", Gold Highlights
Location: Chapel St, Prahran
Owner: TBC. Email us if this is YOU!

Good attention to detail. TICK.

Classic beautiful stying.

The Chanel of BMX. TICK.

Tick, Tick, This is sick.

One Word.. Craigieburn.

Bike: Gentleman's Delight
Location: Sna'ooorrrbbbs
Owner: Craig

I don't know about you, but this bike makes me think about He-man. It's so masculine and tuff.

Our friend Craig has pretty Nice Steeze. This bike is a true representation of this, xx heart YOU.


Went to the Espy last night for the M-Phazes album launch. Extreme fun.
After that the night started:

Our friend Sara is totally the best. She introduced us to this guy Keegan, who she works with at Hype. We have befriended.

He's off to NY, LA then the UKays and last night was his going away party.
We tried to do the phantom and they busted us out the front of the house.

Bike: BEE EMM EXX 'Fatboy'
Location: Chaps, Windsor end
Owner: Keegan

BMX your face off.



This is our friend Ben's bike. He used to live in the same apartment block as Loz.


This bike gets me lifted. It's pretty nice. YKI.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Location: Fitness First, Chapel Street, South Yarra
Owner: A Buff Dude

This bike is FIT.

This had a little to do with me joining Fitness First.
Oh and they have a lot of Ex Big Brother rejects on their books..Who don't ride rad bikes.


Bike: Malvern Star Blaster "KAOS"
Location: N-Tran Bakery, Chapel St, Prahran

Owner: Probs Michelangelo

Who didn't go mental over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? My childhood mems are all cartoons.
If Splinter were around to witness this ishh he would be so proud of his diciples.

This rider clearly has equisite taste, as this fine ride is parked out the front of N-Tran, which has been my most frequented food spot since I've lived in this area.

The salad Baguettes... OFF THE CHAIN!

Specs herrrr:

(this one's sans training wheels)

Would also look great while wearing these hotties:


I Don't Know Much, But I Know I Love You.

Location: Thirsty Camel, Chapel Street, Windsor

I don't know much about bikes. But I know one thing... This bike is nice.


We heart bikes. They are so multifunctional.


Friday, March 26, 2010


Bike: Is in my dreams
Location: Chapel Street, Prahran
Owner: has fine taste.

If a picture says a thousand words........ then this dreamy product speaks for itself.


Clean White frame with Vintage Brown leather completely compliments the entire ensemble.

It makes me wanna wear a carafe & smoke a pipe.


Bike: OG Northern Star BMX
Location: Parkville
Owner: Erin

Ez is my girrrrl. She's down with the CG.

This is a bike that was abandoned at her apartment block, and it was totalled. She was dating this dude that worked at a bike shop at the time, and they restored it to working order.

ALLS it needs now is some pimping. I think flouro yellow tuffs to start. Hells yes! This bike has maaaad potensh.



Bike: Nirve Cruiser
Location: Chapel Street, South Yarra
Owner: Holllaaa!

Girl you got some nerve (no pun) showing this little beauty on Chaps. It was apple of my eye.
It takes me back to the days of Barbie Campervans, Banana Seats and West Coast Wine Coolers.

Colour coordination is this owners strong suite.

I'm sure this rider would look pretty damn cute.



So, after last nights little adventures, I was feeling a little fragile at work this morning and after lunch this had just evolved in to sillyness.
My boss told me that I "had officially lost the plot".

So it was lovely to get this kick ass pick me up in the afternoon.

Thanks to my workmate Luke who sent through these pics of his friends bmx.

Bike: Hotness BMX
Location: In a grassy backyard somewhere
Owner: Tom

So this is the 1st pic that I opened. I thought, yeah it's rad. Classic. But you can tell from how shiny the sprocket is that it's a well loved bike.

THEN... I opened the second pic and this hotness appeared:
Wow wow wow. That's so hot.
Best bmx I have seen for a loooooooooooooong time.
Props Tom.

Thanks Luke!


Bike: It's just nice.
Location: Coles Supermarket (Front), Swan Street, Richmond
Owner: TBC. Email us if this is YOU!

This totally caught my eye on lunch break today. I give props to classic bikes, nicely coordinated. Take this gem. Silver frame, Gold rims, and a hint of colour, Kermit green handle grips.

It also looks super nice from this angle.

A crafty deterent for would-be thiefs #H8You.


Bike: Chrome 20" BMX
Location: Ben Frost Exhibition Opening, Gorker Gallery, Fitzroy
Owner: TBC. Email us if this is YOU!

Such a gorgeous night last night in ol' Melbourne town. Loz and I booted over to "the other side of the Yarra" to peep the Ben Frost exhibition opening.
Out the front of the gallery was this cute lil sucker... was quite surprised that this would be the first fresh bike to catch my eye as Fitzroy is usually abundant with fixies and couriers pimpin Crumper bags.

Nice Chrome Job. TICK!

I need to invest in a bell or horn for my bike, STAT. Whenever its too many drinks past riding on the road and you need to tell peeps to get the fuck out of the way this would really come in handy. These days, I just like to vocalise it. "DING, DING, DING! My name is Sim! OUTTA DE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY"

The basket says: "Although I have a BMX, I also value functuality" Notice how the grips match the chain:
Good Style. TICK!

Come to think of it, this bike could be like the cool lil sister of my bike. 'Cept my chain and grips are pink. Nice, nice.

Finally I would like to draw your attention to the crafty way this rider has fashioned the backlight. Whoever this person is, they would totally win if they ever went on Survivor.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Location: Bendigo St, Richmond VIC
Bike: 20" Radius "Dreamin"
Owner: Georgie

This bike is hell fun to ride, it is a dead ringer for the 2nd bike that I ever called my own. Except mine had metallic streamers sprouting from the handlebars, yep I thought I was pretty fresh.
As it's a 20" you kinda have to ride it standing up at all times otherwise you bang your knees on the front fork, not so cool.

So here we were, fanging up and down Bendigo St. and having gained a little speed I decided to back peddle to steady myself on this beast. My BMX has a free wheel. This sucker has a back brake so after this genius move I slammed on the brake mid hoon and needless to say went ass over titt, straight over the handlebars. Oh Shit. It cained, and I still have scars to prove it. OUCH

Dreamin = 1, Sim = 0