Thursday, August 12, 2010


Melbourne's my town, but apparently Sydney has some shizz going on.
This was a few weeks back, I got this email when I was at Splendour and completely forgot all about it.

BIG thanks to Nick for all of the pics!

"Hola Sim, Was wandering aimlessly through Sydney and came across a fixie exhibition in a mall, they had heaps of bikes hanging, and then display boxes with bits and pieces and profiles on riders etc.
Only problem is my camera runned out of battery! I managed to get one of a disc wheel in the case, and one of the most of the hanging bikes."

"So I have a couple of crappy zoomed pics from my phone, but they were coming out shit with the zoom, so didn't bother anymore."

Damn those Sydneysiders love the Aero's don't they?

Hmmm Red & Gold... HOW ORIGINAL

"Then today, just hanging around, killing time, this dude pulled up across the street from me on this, I asked him about it, but he said his mate built it for him. I had my camera for that one."

I wonder if his mate built it without a seat "accidentally" initially?

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