Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Owner: Matt
Bike: 80's chrome diamondback feat. Skyway Tuffs
Location: Preston

This is our friend Matt's bike. He's a rad dude that we first met at the Phrase show last year. This bike is RAAAAAD. Heart the colour co-ordination between the wheel & fork. Nice 1 Matt!

WEB: http://www.rad-dudes.com/

Owner: Matt
Bike: 80's chrome Repco HOTFOOT

Location: Preston

Another killer bike owned by Matt.

In cycling, the condition known as “hot foot” is a burning pain in the ball of the foot, perhaps radiating toward the toes. Severe cases feel like some sadistic demon is applying a blowtorch.

This is not that kind of Hotfoot though!

Repco have the trademark Hotfoot which is registered until 2014. Who knows, we might see a Hotfoot bike again one day.


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