Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Location: Bourke St Mall, Melbourne VIC
Owner: TBC: Email us if this is YOU!

The day started out plainly enough. It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday morning so Loz B and I decided to go for a ride in to the city to peep the Ltrhds show. We stopped in Bourke St Mall and she went in to a shop while i stayed out to mind the bikes and snap this beauty.

While I was waiting a cute chick came and picked up her bike, I gave her props. I'm so stoked when you see a chick claim bikes like this. I really HATE chicks on whack chick pussy bikes.

Two seconds later it started to rain. No, not just water but golf ball ice surprises thrashed down. It was so fucking loud and all these crazies were screaming all around us.

"Fuck this! Let's get out of here" we agreed, so tried to travel down over Elizabeth St


It was like a river flowing down Bourke St and when we got to Elizabeth St it WAS A FUCKING RIVER.
You can't really tell from this snap, but while we are on the cnr we started to get swept down Elizabeth, there was not going to be any crossing on our bikes. Water was up to our knees. A box from a slab of Melbourne Bitters lodged itself in my back tuff. Shit was going nowhere FAST. We made the executive decision to turn the show around and cut through the masses back to Swanston.

Upon trying to get home we discovered that all trains were cancelled and Flinders St was heaving with drenched bogans straight from Moomba trying to get back to the burbs. With no choice but to ride home we made it out alive from the pandemonium, DIRTY AS SHIT

Never did make it to Ltrhds, Reka wouldn't let us in... He posted a sign on the door "Exhibition closed due to Apocalypse"

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