Monday, March 22, 2010


Location: Bendigo St, Richmond VIC
Bike: 20" Radius "Dreamin"
Owner: Georgie

This bike is hell fun to ride, it is a dead ringer for the 2nd bike that I ever called my own. Except mine had metallic streamers sprouting from the handlebars, yep I thought I was pretty fresh.
As it's a 20" you kinda have to ride it standing up at all times otherwise you bang your knees on the front fork, not so cool.

So here we were, fanging up and down Bendigo St. and having gained a little speed I decided to back peddle to steady myself on this beast. My BMX has a free wheel. This sucker has a back brake so after this genius move I slammed on the brake mid hoon and needless to say went ass over titt, straight over the handlebars. Oh Shit. It cained, and I still have scars to prove it. OUCH

Dreamin = 1, Sim = 0

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