Friday, May 11, 2012


Bike: Run of the mill Jelly bean piece of Asian trash
Location: Fitness First Vic Gardens 
Owner: Are you a deadshit? 

I know this bike is called Your Bike is Rad so I hesitated posting this bike for a while. Then I just thought OH FUCK IT. My sister got a Jelly Bean Bike and she just got it to ride to and from the gym and school.... so I guess its ok in that sense. BUT if you know anything at all about bikes you would never ride a heavy piece of crap like this. Not only was her order delayed by 4 months, both of the grips had fallen off within the first week and had to be repaired by me because big sis is not that way inclined. 

So does slapping a Supreme sticker on a shit bike make it rad? Let me put it this way... it's like lipstick on a pig. 



  1. Now I feel bad... when I was coming out of the gym last night the girl that owns this bike was locking it up. When I went to unlock my bike she was like OH MA GAWD I love your bike its so amazing ra ra ra and I just had to mumble something and peddle off. I am the shittest human being ever.