Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Bike: Vintage Resprayed Track with very beautiful lugs
Location: Lucky Coq Prahran
Owner: Had a big one by the looks of things!

I live right near Chapel St and I wish that I could tell you that sights like these are a rare occurrence.
Unfortunately drunkies like to use our helmets as rubbish bins on the regular. Best thing about living so close to the Chap? If you are ever bored on the weekend watching the crowd get kicked out of Revs on Saturday when it's time for cleaning is pure entertainment.



1 comment:

  1. Awesome,
    This is my bike man...!
    I work at the Lucky Coq, this is me parked for the day, I'm so glad some of us can appreciate the work I have put into it...
    The frame is Japanese made from early 80s late 70s...
    Rebuilt with all original parts except for the wheels and seat pole...
    Also the front break is from an earlier model.
    I sprayed painted it in my bathroom and took me 3 month to take it all apart, sand and rebuild it...
    Nice one...