Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Burger and I spent some time relaxing in Byron Bay after some non relaxing at Splendour in the Grass.

Our guest house had these cruisers for the guests to use and we hungused them the whole time that we were there. They have a coaster wheel with a back brake so are fully skiddable. DO A SKIIIIID. Actually only saw one dude the whole time on a fixed. The rest were ghey mountain bikes and these pussy ass cruisers types. 

They are soooooo heavy. Like 10 Gazettas, or 15 Mosers. But fun anyway. Why walk when you can roll. Oh yeah, and it was 25 degrees and you don't have to wear a helmet. Aaaaah the feeling of the sun warming your skin and the breeze in your hair... Bliss!

Makes me sooooooo happy to be sitting in my office in Melbourne right about now.
Can't wait to put my helmet on and ride home in the dark :/ 

Oh yeah, apart from the MB's and cruisers we did also come across this jewellery shop with all these roadies on the walls: 

I asked the dude why we never saw any of them on the road and he said that we woke up too late. Point taken. 

He then proceeded to tell us the times and meeting points of the Byron road racing squad like I give a shit. 
Because I have a road bike... NAWT.... oh yeah and I'm going to bring it to my beach holiday too... hmmm

I zoned out and while he was rambling on I had a look of some of the custom pieces he hand makes: 

Silver crank necklace not bayed

Solid gold carabiner. Want/ need

Gold hit an all time high today of $1934 an ounce. Should be able to pick up one of these babies for a couple of G. 

Flav would be rubbing his mitts right about now, oh yes. Please can you cease with the Flavor of Love now?



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