Monday, April 19, 2010


Bike: The Beast
Owner: Damo
Location: St Kilda Massive

NOW. Let me set one thing straight. Usually I do not condone motors on bikes.
Motorbikes are not my style and Vespas make me dry retch.
But this is our friend Damo's sick beast and he built it all himself. Big ups my man!

This bike has a 70cc 2-stroke motor. The frame is a original crusier frame. It is HEAVY as fuck.
Believe me, I have carried it down a flight of stairs. Yes. I know I also am a beast.

It's based on old school Boardtracker bikes that have had a strong following since the 60s' (who knew?)
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Top speed is 55kph, which is more than enough to CAIN yourself. Hell I can injure myself at like 10kph.

One day... I may just be courageous enough to have a spin. Full leather suit neccessary, so it will have to wait at least until winter. Maybe when hell freezes over.

Check out the chromey goodness... and the double chain, whoa well that's off the chain!
(Thanks dad)

Dear Damo, you are one of my favourite dudes. When I see your bike it reminds me of this scene from Pulp Fiction:


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