Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Bike: S&M next generation dirt bike
Owner: Al
Location: The Espy, St Kilda

We all went down to the St Kilda on the grass bike show on Sunday, however we all had sleep ins and missed the whole kit & kaboode. No sweat, said us and we had our own show over a few jugs at the Espy.

This is our friend Al's BMX. Good Golly this is nice. So chromey, so shiny.

Forks: S&M pitch forks
Handlebars: standard strip
Barsstem: S&M redneck
Headset: SST oryg
Wheels: peregrine super pros 36
Brakes: dia compe AD990
Chainwheel: GT power series
Cranks: profile 3pc
Chain/freewheel: Shimano
Pedals: Odyssey
Seat: mongoose kevlar
Seat post: redline

Check out the S & M Redneck Stem.

When you have a ride this maccin, you need everyone to know your name.
The malibu blue Odyssey pedals pop off well against the Shimano free wheel & custom plates.

Props Al.

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