Thursday, June 10, 2010


Bike: Panasonic Fixx built with Love
Location: Melvegas
Owner: Dan AKA the Dugong

The Dugong has refurbished his frame by Chroming the shit out of it and then adding fresh new decals. It's possibly the chromiest bike I have ever seen.

If this bike had a soundtrack it would be 100% by Chromeo.

Dan is the man behind the Some Bike Crew (SBC) and organises weekly rides for those of you that are rad enough.

Up to the challenge? You can join his cool gang here.

Tell ya mates!

Rest of the specs:

Wheels: Velocity B43's.

Soma Hubs.

Front has radial laced hub & spokes.

Tyres: Front is a Halo Courier. Rear is a Vittoria Cross

Forks: Straight Track

Cranks: Shun Chrome

Izumi Chain (Japanese goodness)

Animal BMX pedals with 'Skin Grows Back' foot straps

Panasonic Stem with riser bars attached.


Sick to the power of rad

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  1. Girl if its alright TAHH One Hundred percento!