Monday, May 31, 2010


Bike: Krink Fixx
Location: RMIT
Owner: TBC. Email us if this is you!

Having just started a new job on the "other side" of the city, I have been going out on little missions on my lunch break on the search for Rad Bikes. There are shitloads of bikes parked around RMIT on Swanston, you know because students are pov and they can't afford the whole $2.30 for a Metcard so they ride. When I was in uni I found a yearly Metcard at (haha) Seven nightclub so I was totally SET for the year. I then blew the dough I saved on goon. Awesome.

For those who don't know, KRINK (KR's ink) make totally bauce markers for, well, leaving your mark on shit. Like Poscas but way more drippy.

Check them out here

Don't Come Gallery had a Krink show last year. I miss you Don't Come. Why'd you have to shut down assholes?


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